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Reasons Behind Pixel 4xl Battery Question Mark.

Even after bug fixes in the Android 11 update, Pixel 4 smartphone owners are reporting another string of battery problems including a question mark on the battery icon. Android Police claims that there are two different problems.

Both when it is charging and when it is using or discharging. Additionally, both issues seem to be hardware-related. So, if you are a Google Pixel 4xl owner, it is good to have a clear idea about these issues like the Pixel 4xl battery question mark.

The battery question mark is not a common issue.

Pixel 4xl Battery Question Mark.
Pixel 4xl Battery Question Mark.

A battery for a phone is more than just a regular battery. In addition to having energy storage components inside, it also has management data on a small circuit board that is attached to it.

The management data, which is crucial for charging, includes serial numbers, charging loops, capacity, etc. Because a smartphone will constantly attempt to read this data before beginning the charging process. So battery question mark in any phone may occur because of the following reasons:

  1. There is a poor connection between the phone battery and the motherboard due to a loose battery socket.
  2. There are errors or missing data on the battery.
  3. A motherboard open circuit between the CPU and the battery.

What about, Pixel 4xl battery question mark?

The Pixel 4 xl battery question mark is the same as other phones.This suggests that there might be a loose part inside the phone. Additionally, reports indicate that there may be an issue with the brackets or cable connector itself.

There could also be a short in one of the internal connectors.Sometimes, it may also indicate a Pixel 4 xl problem reading battery meter issue.

It’s not immediately clear if the pressure needs to be kept up during charging or if a quick press will suffice. The problem doesn’t seem to be permanently solved and keeps coming back.

But, the problem is this is not a common issue for most smartphone brands. But, Google pixel 4xl users experience this issue as a general issue for their smartphone. 

This is just one of the significant issues with Pixel.

However, Pixel 4xl devices aren’t the only issues currently having issues like Pixel question mark. A touchscreen bug has reportedly also affected its mid-range brother, the Pixel 4a.

That problem seems to be a software problem, and an update should probably fix it. Similar flaws have been found in almost every Pixel-branded phone released over time. In addition to performance, camera, and other bugs.

But, as is usually the case, Google hasn’t even said that there’s a problem with the latest battery problems. Therefore, contacting Google for a replacement seems to be the only long-term solution.

How to fix Pixel 4xl battery question mark issue

If the question mark indicates a hardware issue, you can’t fix it yourself. So you need to contact an authorized seller or google pixel support team to ask about, Pixel 4xl battery question mark warranty. But, if it is a software issue like a problem reading the battery meter, you can follow some steps to fix it yourself.  

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How to fix the Pixel 4xl problem reading the battery meter?

To fix this problem, you need to reverse the security patch to May 2021 instead of your current June or July update. However, you should keep a few things in mind, so keep reading. First, you must unlock the device’s bootloader. For those who are unaware, it will erase all of your device’s data and might void the warranty.

So, if you want to move forward, please completely backup your device first. After that, you must go to Google’s official site and download the May 2021 security patch update.

Then you have to use the Fastboot Commands to put this firmware on your device. But if entering fastboot instructions manually is difficult, you can also try downgrading with the Android Flash Tool.


Pixel 4xl battery question mark occurs for many reasons. Some problems may be hardware issues with the battery and its related components. Sometimes, it may be because of software issues like the Pixel 4xl problem reading the battery meter.

However, you can’t fix hardware issues by yourself. You should contact a mobile technician or google pixel support team to resolve the issue. But, if it is a software issue, you can fix it by following some simple steps. 


What does a battery with a question mark mean pixel 4?

A question mark in the battery icon can mean something is wrong with the battery, like the battery needs to be replaced or a connection isn’t working right.
You should ask for help from Google Pixel Support. But, if it is a software issue you can fix it yourself.

What does a question mark in the battery mean?

The question mark on the battery means either the charger isn’t working correctly or there is a charging difficulty. Sometimes it indicates a battery data issue as well.

How do I reset my Google pixel battery?

Take the cable out of your phone and put it back within 10 seconds. If you see a battery icon on your phone within a minute, it is off and charging.
Give your phone at least half an hour to charge. Hold down the device’s power button until the phone restarts.

How long does the pixel 4 battery last?

Google Pixel 4 battery may last after 25 hours in general conditions. It always depends on your usage and battery conditions.

How long is the Google Pixel 4 warranty?

For the Preferred Care upfront plan, your device protection includes up to two accidental damage claims per coverage term.
Or up to two in a rolling 12-month period, or one year of mechanical failure coverage (Manufacturer warranty expires after the one-year).
These warranty claims may differ by device, store you purchase the product, and location. 

How long is the pixel 4xl warranty?

Pixel 4 XLs bought in Australia, Italy, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, or the UK are not eligible for the repair program. Instead, Authorized dealers will fix eligible devices according to the two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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