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How Many Times Can You Jump A Car Battery?

Jumpstarting a battery with another car once or twice in an emergency is usually not a significant problem.

But if you have to do it up to three or four times a day, it feels like the battery is completely dead. So the best thing you can do is to replace it as soon as possible.

If you continue to jump-start, there is a risk of damaging other circuits and electronic components apart from the already dead battery.

How long does it take to jump a battery?

If you already have another car’s power supply (or mobile battery) and booster cables required for jumpstarting, you can connect them and jumpstart in about 10 or 15 minutes. However, if you have it done by a technician or a service station, it will take even less time.

However, when going to jumpstart the battery may need to be checked to ensure that it does not damage the surrounding electronics.

How to jump-start properly – Everything you need to know.

One way to deal with a dead car battery is to jump-start it. What kind of preparations are necessary for a jump start? In this article, we will explain in detail what to prepare and what to do.

Why won’t the engine start on a jump start?

If the jump start does not start the engine, the battery in the supporting vehicle is likely insufficient.

What do you do when you can’t jump-start yourself?

If you can’t prepare booster cables or a supporting vehicle, or if you don’t have a jump starter, or if you can’t deal with it yourself, it’s safe to leave it to a professional such as a roadside service or a specialized company.

If your insurance includes roadside assistance, First, contact your insurance company.

What is a jump start?

Jumpstart is a method of providing electricity when the car battery is dead. Additional electricity from another vehicle connects the dead car battery and starts the vehicle.

What to do when the battery is dead?

In the jump start, the electricity is separated from the supporting vehicle or mobile battery to start the engine. For example, if you forget to turn off the lights and the battery runs out, you can start the engine by jump-starting.

However, it is not easy to get electricity from the supporting vehicle. Therefore, it’s better to keep a mobile battery to respond flexibly in the event of an emergency.

What you need for a jump start?

There are a few things you need to prepare for a jump start. 

  • A supporting vehicle

A jump start is possible by having electricity supplied from a support vehicle. Since it is necessary to connect the cars with a cable, move the supporting car to a position where it is easy to connect. 

Keep in your mind – Do not jump start vehicles with different voltages. 

There are two voltage standards for cars: 12V and 24V. If the voltages are not the same, there is a risk of causing trouble, so be careful.

  • A booster cable

A battery-connecting cable called a “booster cable” is indispensable for jump-starting. However, there are points to be aware of when choosing a booster cable. If the booster cable is unsuitable for the battery capacity, there is a risk of burning and fire. So it is good to use a cable that matches the battery capacity for safety. The thicker the cable, the higher the voltage it can withstand.

  • A jump starter

Supporting vehicles are not always readily available. In case you have no support vehicle, you could use a jump starter, which functions as a mobile battery.

Modern devices are lighter and more compact and have become a size that can be put in the cargo space, so if you keep it in your car, you can easily respond to emergencies. There are also products with built-in LED lights that are useful in the event of a disaster. So they will be useful in an emergency.

How to jump-start a car battery – 5 easy steps 

To jump-start safely and quickly, let’s understand the correct method.

01. Connect booster cables

To jump-start, you must first connect the booster cable.   Then, Connect the red cable in the order of “the positive terminal of the car with dead battery → the positive terminal of the supporting vehicle.

02. Connect the black cable in the order of “negative terminal of the supporting car → metal part in the car engine with the battery dead.

If you connect them in the wrong order, there is a risk of sparks flying, so be careful. When using a jump starter, connect in the order of “clip’s positive terminal → car’s positive terminal” and “clip’s negative terminal → car’s negative terminal”.

03. Start the engine of the supporting vehicle.

After connecting the booster cable, start the engine of the supporting vehicle and leave it for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, step on the accelerator of the supporting vehicle and maintain the engine speed at 1500-3000. When using the jump starter, first turn on the main unit. Depending on the product, connect the jump starter clip to the battery, and it will automatically start.

04. Now start the engine of the car with a dead battery.

The previous steps should have charged the dead battery. Now, start the engine of the car whose battery is dead. If the engine properly starts, the jump start is successful. If the engine does not start, another problem may have occurred, so consider contacting a vehicle rescue service.

05. Unplug the booster cable

After starting the engine, remove the booster cable. If you remove it in the wrong procedure, sparks may occur.

The procedure for removing the booster cable is as follows.

  • Remove the black booster cable in the order of “negative terminal of the car with dead battery → negative terminal of the supporting vehicle.
  • Remove the red booster cable in the order of “the positive terminal of the supporting vehicle → the positive terminal of the car with the battery dead.

How to Properly Jump Start a Car?

Precautions when jump starting

There are a few caveats to doing a jump start. When working with batteries, be careful and follow the precautions.

Some vehicles cannot be used as support vehicles.

When performing a jump start, it is necessary to ask for a car equipped with the same standard battery as the broken car to help. Many passenger cars have 12V batteries, but large vehicles like trucks have 24V batteries, so they cannot be used as support vehicles. 

Keep in mind, 

Hybrid cars have the same 12V battery as regular cars, but cannot be used as support vehicles. Along with the 12V battery, they also come with a high-voltage battery.

Jump-starting can cause a large amount of electricity to flow through the power system and engine, which may be causing damage to other electronic devices.

Safety tips to follow

  • Jump starting is not difficult as long as you connect the booster cables in the correct order. However, handling batteries entails the risk of short circuits and electric shock. Pay attention to the following points and work safely, as it may lead to a car failure or fire.
  • Always check booster cables.
  • Always follow the order in which you connect the booster cables.
  • Take great care when handling booster cables.
  • Make sure that the booster cable coating is not torn or peeled off and that the grip is clean Before starting work. Also, extreme caution is required to prevent electric shock, such as not touching the connection part of the cable with other objects or touching it with wet hands.

Does Do Not Disturb Save Battery Life?

battery principles

What if I don’t have a supporting vehicle or jump starter?

It is not always possible to prepare a supporting vehicle or a jump starter when the battery is dead. In some cases, neither may be available. At such times,

Contact roadside assistance

If you are subscribed to a service that can handle car troubles, such as roadside assistance, you can solve the problem by contacting them. Many insurance companies offer car insurance with roadside assistance.

Most roadside services also include a “jump start”, so you should be able to handle a dead battery without any problems. When it comes to car insurance, there are many cases where you can deal with it for free, but there are cases where conditions are set, such as only once during the insurance period. Therefore, check the car’s condition frequently.

Use a gas station

If there is a gas station nearby, you can charge the battery at the gas station. Most gas stations have auto repair services, so check with them. Also, some gas stations support fast charging, which puts a lot of strain on the battery. It’s necessary to prevent battery overcharging as repeated fast charging accelerates battery degradation.

fter starting the car

After starting the car with a jump start and solving the battery problem in any of the above ways, check the dead battery with a professional.

And it is better to remove the dead battery and connect a new one under his supervision. Then you can avoid many problems that may arise in the future.

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