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How Many Amps In a AA Battery? How Many mAH?

AA batteries are probably the most common battery type in the world: we find them in remote controls, children’s toys, alarm clocks, wall clocks, and many other household products.

There are hundreds of different types, with various customized brands (Panasonic, Amazon Basics, Duracell), but no one tells us how much current they can deliver.

Sometimes it is simply necessary to know the current strength because it depends on whether your device can work or not. For example, there are AA batteries in which there are few amperes. In a flashlight on an LED, they work perfectly on some toys as well. But such a device as a camera is not pulled out.

Before specifying about aa battery amps, it is necessary to talk about the concepts of volts, amps, power, and energy. First of all, let’s state that mAh is not an amperage value. We see values of 800mAh, 900mAh, 2800mAh, or 3000mAh in some AA batteries, especially charged ones. These represent the capacity and the load (q value). Before moving on to the subject, it is better to explain some concepts.

What is load (mAh)?



For example, when we try to charge an 800mAh rechargeable battery with a charger (chargers are built on slow charging logic to ensure the battery has a long life.) they usually give 100mAh per hour. It means that it will charge in 8 hours. In other words, the battery reaches its capacity after 8 hours with load q.

What is Power (Watts)?

When the volt and current values are in diameter with each other, it gives us power. This power is expressed in watts.



What is Energy (Kwh)?

Energy is the power we consume per unit of time. If we multiply P, the power, by the time, that gives us the energy.

E=P*H => (Energy=Power*Time (Hour) ) if power is kW, kWh represents energy to us. In other words, it refers to the power we consume in 1 hour.

How Many Amps in a AA Battery?

After defining these concepts, we can return to our topic. Now, let’s look at the current values of two batteries, one of which is a normal Alkaline battery and the other 800mAh capacity Nickel rechargeable.

It should be noted that Lithium batteries are more powerful than Nickel batteries. After that, alkaline batteries come in terms of power. For this reason, camera manufacturers recommend that we use rechargeable batteries first and then alkaline batteries for their models to work with AA batteries.

The best way to check AA battery amps is to use a tester like a multimeter or an ammeter. 

How Many Amps In a AA Battery? How Many mAH? 

AstroAI Digital Multimeter

A multimeter can measure many parameters, including amperes. For this purpose, it is necessary to rearrange the positive probe of the device to measure up to 10 amperes. Then you should switch the toggle switch of the device to the appropriate measurement mode.

By touching the multimeter probes to the contacts of the power source for 1 – 2 seconds, you can determine the value of this parameter of the power source in short circuit mode. 

Some alkaline cell models may exceed the multimeter measurement limit. In this case, it is necessary to use a more powerful device to measure this electricity parameter. According to the indicators of the multimeter, one can judge the possibility of using a source of electricity. 


For AA-type pen torch battery batteries, the value of this parameter would be 1 – 3Ah or 1000- 3000 mAh. At 1 – 1.5 A, batteries can be used in low-power devices, such as wall clocks. 

Should be considered

If the current strength of the AA battery is less than 0.7 amperes, then this means that the capacity of the power source is almost zero, and it must be disposed of. As can be seen from the description, it is not difficult to check the battery current with a multimeter.

The main thing is to be careful when performing such actions because when the batteries are short-circuited, a significant amount of heat can be released. For this reason, measurements should not be taken longer than 2 seconds for each battery.

With long-term contact of the probes of the measuring device with the battery of the current measuring mode, the case may also break as a result of the boiling of the electrolyte.

We measured a new Japanese-made Maxell battery and a Japanese-made AmazonBasics rechargeable battery.

                                                                      3.10 A or 3100 mAh                  2.75 A or 2750 mAh

While the current value of the Maxell branded Alkaline battery is 2.75 Amperes, the value of the Nickel battery, which is a charged battery, is 3.10 Amperes.

Although it is 2.75 amps, this represents the maximum current. The important thing is how many amps the device will draw. 

Thus, using a simple multimeter, you can find out how many milliamps are in the battery.

Check this video to understand better. 

How To Test Standard Batteries With A Multimeter by Helpful DIY

For your knowledge

An electrical device will work effectively only if a power source is connected to it, capable of maintaining the current strength in the circuit at the required level for a long time. Failure to do so may damage connected devices or power sources. Ordinary finger batteries are no exception, so it is good to know this parameter before installing a power source.

How is the amperage of a battery calculated?

Convert watts to amps. Since watts = amps * volts, we divide the watt-hours by the battery voltage and get the battery storage amp-hours.

Example of a 12 V battery

-hours (at 12 volts) = Watt-hours / 12 volts = 1470 / 12 = 122.5 Ah or 122500 mah

How many amps are in a 1.5 v aa battery?

How Many Amps In a AA Battery? How Many mAH? 

                         Panasonic 1.5v Evolta Alkaline battery

The mAh capacity of a 1.5v AA battery depends on the type. 

1.5 volt AA size alkaline cells or batteries (for Panasonic) typically provide about 1500 mah, which means they can supply about 150 milliamps for 10 hours or 1500 mAh for 1 hour.

Moreover Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries, the minimum AA capacity is as follows:

How Many Amps In a AA Battery? How Many mAH? 

Eneloop AA: 1900 mAh

Eneloop lite AA: 950 mAh

Eneloop pro AA: 2500 mAh

What are the mAh values of standard AA batteries?

There is no complete answer to this question. It’s all about the quality of the battery. The measurement of this value can only be understood by comparing the working times on the same device. But the picture below gives us enough information.

For AA-size batteries:

ANSI/NEDA name15D15A15LF145001.2K21.2H2
Capacity under 50 mA constant drain400–1700 mAh1800–2600mAh _2700–3400 mAh600-800mAh _600–1000 mAh600–2850 mAh1500–1800 mAh
Rated voltage1.5V1.5V1.5V3.6-3.7V1.2V1.2V1.65/1.6V
Max. energy at nominal voltage and 50 mA drain2.55Wh _3.90Wh _5.10Wh _2.88-2.96Wh _1.20Wh _3.42Wh _2.97Wh _
RechargeableNo.No, except for Rechargeable alkaline batteryNo. [4]yesyesyesyes

Rechargeable nickel (NiMH) batteries have their values written on them because their prices are determined accordingly.

Don’t forget that you prefer batteries with higher mAH values as long as you use them. It will always be more accurate to evaluate the economic factor in terms of the Price-Performance (F/P) ratio rather than price.

What is the difference between AA and AA batteries? What is the difference with the outlet?

How Many Amps In a AA Battery? How Many mAH? 

            Energizer AA and AAA battery

What is the difference between AA and AA batteries? There is no difference between these two, such as “Voltage” and “Current” that we have touched on so far. Therefore, there are adapters on the market that convert AA batteries to the size of AA batteries.

How long do AA batteries last?

How long does a battery last? The life cycle of the AA battery is approximately two years under normal conditions of use. It mostly depends on how you use it. If used for light bulbs and alarm clocks, it will quickly reduce its duration.

Battery expiration date

The batteries are all provided with an expiry date or expiry date. The reason is simple: all batteries lose power over time, even when not used. The Use-By Date means, the date when there is only 80% of the initial energy left in a new battery (according to Philips ).

You can also easily understand this battery expiration as it explains why a vehicle sitting idle for too long won’t start.

The expiry date of a battery is generally marked on its packaging and on the battery itself.

The fact that a battery leak is not related to its expiry date but rather to its storage conditions or quality.

Sometimes An expired battery may work well, but the manufacturer does not guarantee its lifespan. Furthermore, the life of an expired battery is necessarily shorter than that of a new and unexpired battery.

How to choose batteries: tips for buyers

How Many Amps In a AA Battery? How Many mAH? 

First, look at the packaging for the expiration date of the batteries. Remember that their capacity decreases even with storage. Do not buy batteries if the expiration date is coming to an end. Secondly, do not purchase them in reserve. And thirdly, try not to buy batteries on the street in winter.

Finally, here are some tips on how you can and shouldn’t use batteries.

1. Most importantly, don’t recharge batteries that don’t say Rechargeable! They may explode.

2. Once the salt batteries are dead, Remove them from the slot. If they leak, they will easily damage the device.

3. It is also better to take them out if you will not use the equipment for a long time. Batteries included in the circuit run out faster.

4. It is necessary not to throw them in the trash. Battery components poison soil and water and must be disposed of specially. Please collect used batteries and take them to a collection point.

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