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Does Dark Mode Save Battery?

Does Dark Mode Save Battery? Yes, it is true that anytime the background or portions of it are completely black, a device with an OLED screen, be it a phone, tablet, or laptop, needs to power a comparatively smaller number of pixels. It uses less energy as a result, extending the life of your device’s battery.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the dark mode in Android phones as well as the advantages and disadvantages of dark mode. So stick around until the end, and this is BatteryPrinciples, and we discuss everything about batteries.

What is the dark mode?

Does Dark Mode Save Battery?
What is the dark mode?

Dark mode, dark theme, night mode, or lights-out are other names for the light-on-dark color scheme, which employs light-colored text, icons, and graphical user interface components on a dark background. It is frequently discussed in relation to web design and computer user interface design.

This mode is used by people because of three reasons.

  • Because they prefer dark colors.
  • To save battery.
  • In designing user interfaces.

So in this content, we mainly focus on the battery-saving ability of the dark mode with all the relevant information you want to know.

How to turn On dark mode in Android?

How To Get Dark Mode On Any Android Devices

Using a dark theme or color inversion, you can transform the background of your display to a dark color. The Android system UI and supported apps both use a dark theme. Videos and other types of media don’t modify the colors.

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Opt for Accessibility.
  3. Select “Color and motion” and toggle “Dark theme” on.

Also, you can toggle the dark mode by just dragging down the notification bar and toggling the shortcut for dark mode. 

Then you can turn off the dark mode when needed by using both of the above methods simply and easily. 

Does Do Not Disturb Save Battery Life?

Battery principles

How does the dark mode save battery?

OLED displays produce light for each individual pixel, so black pixels won’t consume any energy. It’s similar to shutting off the lights in your house; while the house will continue to use some power, the turned-off lights won’t.

The researchers discovered that switching from light mode to dark mode only often saved between 3% and 9% power at about 30%–50% brightness. At 100% brightness, toggling it the other way around can, however, conserve battery life by as much as 47% on average.

Does dark mode Protect the eyes?

There is no proof that using dark mode reduces eye strain or in any other way safeguards your vision. However, if you’re used to using electronics before night, the dark mode might improve your ability to sleep.

But if you want to protect your eyes in from the screens, then you can use the eye protection feature which is a built-in feature in never mobile phones, as well as you can use blue light filtering glasses.

While some persons with cataract and similar illnesses may do better in dark mode, visual performance tends to be better in people with normal vision (or corrected-to-normal vision). On the other hand, myopia may be linked to prolonged light reading.

What are dark mode benefits?

The dark mode is designed to cut down on the amount of light that device screens emit while keeping the minimal color contrast ratios necessary for legibility. Dark settings are available across the board on Android and iPhone devices. You will still need to configure dark mode on some specific apps, though.

But for me, I don’t see a considerable benefit in using the dark mode because it is hard to use some apps on my phone when the dark mode in ON. So I usually don’t use dark mode whether it saves my battery or not. 

What are the disadvantages of the dark mode?

Your vision will be clearer and your eyes won’t have to work as hard to focus on the fine details because bright environments cause the pupils to constrict and have an enhanced depth of field. When using a dark screen, our pupils must expand more to let in enough light.

Some related FAQs.

Which Is Better Dark Mode Or Light?

People with normal or corrected eyesight perform better, according to studies, but those with more severe visual abnormalities can tolerate Dark mode better. The longer-term danger of eye illness is the trade-off for Light mode’s superior performance.

Why Do People Prefer Dark Mode?

Users of the dark mode experience less eye strain and better reading in low light. They also assert that it makes it easier for them to get to sleep and stay asleep. This might be the case because using devices at night exposes you to more blue light, which might throw off your circadian rhythm.

Why Do People Not Use Dark Mode?

In instances of intense lighting, dark mode may make eyestrain worse. For people with myopia or astigmatism, dark mode might create halation, which makes text harder for them to read. Reading comprehension and concentration may suffer in dark mode. On older devices without OLED panels, dark mode has no positive impact on battery life.

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