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Does Night Light Save Battery In Laptops And Phones?

Night light has a significant value in reducing eye strain and keeping eye comfort while working. This feature is available for most laptops and mobile phones. Maintaining a comfortable screen for your eye is not the only benefit of the night light feature. Then, Does night light save battery? Let’s see.  

What is Night light mode?

Does Night Light Save Battery In Laptops And Phones?
What is Night light mode?

Understanding the dark mode is a good idea before discussing how it affects your device’s battery life.

On many devices, the display setting named “night mode” or “dark theme” changes the operating system’s background color and its applications and software from a light color to dark gray or black while keeping the text’s usual light color.

It might have a number of advantages, such as lowering power consumption and extending your device’s battery life. But it’s not as simple as enabling dark mode and hoping for a few extra hours of battery life.

Two main factors determine how night mode impacts a device’s battery life. The system background color when the night light is enabled and the screen technology used on the device are those. Let’s explore both. 

Does night light save battery? – Screen technologies and night light

Organic light-emitting diode screens, also known as OLED screens, have self-emissive pixels. When an electric current passes through them, the pixels on an OLED screen can emit their own light. Therefore, they can produce images and text without a backlight. Additionally, this means that an OLED screen simply disables pixels in the necessary area of the screen to create a full black color when producing black.

So, when you turn on dark mode on a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with an OLED screen, the device only needs to power a small number of pixels when the background or parts of the screen are entirely black. It uses less energy. As a result, it extends the life of your device’s battery. How frequently your device’s screen has completely black areas will determine how much of an impact this has on battery life.

On the other hand, LCDs, or liquid crystal displays, require a backlight to illuminate the pixels to produce images and text. Typically, this backlight consists of LEDs or Mini-LEDs. Therefore, an LCD tries to block the backlight in the screen areas where black is required when it needs to create black color. The LEDs are lit up even when displaying the black color, so the display stack cannot completely block the light. Due to light leakage, most LCDs’ black levels appear gray.

However, LCD technology has advanced significantly over the past few years. It now has innovations like Mini-LED and local dimming. Both of these provide better backlight control, which especially improves the black levels. To display black, an LCD screen using full-array local dimming (FALD) and Mini-LED backlighting can turn off some of the LEDs.

Therefore, if the LCD device supports Mini-LED backlighting and FALD, using night mode can also reduce power consumption since the screen won’t use all its LEDs when the background is black. Still, mobile devices often don’t have local dimming or Mini-LED backlighting. These features are exclusive to specific laptop models and iPad Pro models. The quantity of the local dimming algorithm, dimming zones, and the size of a zone will all affect the power savings.

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Does night light save battery ?- Background Color Matters  

If you wondered about, Does dark mode save battery, it depends on another fact other than screen technology. A platform or app’s choice of background color when the dark mode is activated can determine whether or not you will experience any battery savings.

As previously mentioned, all OLED screen-powered smartphones, Laptops, and even TVs can turn off their pixels, and some LCD devices can reduce some of their backlighting to display black. This increases battery life and helps in power conservation.

But it only works when the background components are true black and not just dark gray. But unfortunately, a lot of platforms, gadgets, and services use a lite black or dark gray background rather than a black one for aesthetic purposes. Therefore, the amount of battery life saved by using the dark mode can differ for every above reason. 

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How much power can you save with the night mode?

The brightness of your device significantly impacts how much power you can save by using dark mode. This is because the battery on your mobile phone or laptop will drain faster if you turn up the brightness.

According to a Purdue University study from 2021, you will only save 3% to 9% of power if you keep the brightness level on your OLED phone between 30% and 50%. If your phone is constantly on full brightness, the night mode can save you between 39% and 47% of your device’s battery life. On OLED tablets and laptops, you’ll probably get similar results.

LCD screens with FALD or Mini-LED backlighting are less likely to save power than OLED screens because the backlight is not controlled at the pixel level. So there will be less opportunity for them to dim the LEDs and conserve power.

The best advantages of night light / dark mode

  • It works better in low-light environments, allowing you to use it in bed without disturbing your partner or in the theater without disturbing others.
  • If you use it right before bed, your phone will give off less “blue light,” which can keep you up at night.
  • It can use less energy and extend the life of your phone’s battery.
  • It can lessen dry eyes and eye strain in low-light situations.
  • According to some experts, the dark mode can benefit those who are light-sensitive or have vision problems.

Disadvantages of night light / dark mode

  • Contrasting light and dark are not always better for the eyes because the washed-out appearance of text can make eye strain worse.
  • Long passages of text or content can be challenging to read in dark mode.
  • Light text can be challenging to read in a brightly lit room with a dark background.
  • The dark mode on your phone won’t help you save battery life if it has an older LCD screen. This is only possible with an OLED screen.


Does night light save battery? Yes! But it depends on some facts. Those are the screen technology of your device and the background light. Most laptops and mobile phones can save battery by using night lights because they have OLED displays. Not only saving battery life, but dark mode also has more advantages and disadvantages too. 

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Does night light save battery android?

If your android device has an OLED display, it may save battery when using night light mode.

Does night light consume more battery?

No. OLED (AMOLED, P-OLED) screens are darker than LCD screens, which means they consume less battery power. It makes no difference if the screen is not OLED.

Does night mode consume less battery?

When using dark mode, a smartphone can save between 30% to 40% of its battery life at maximum brightness.

Does night light help your eyes?

Reduced eye strain is another benefit of the Night Light feature, especially when using a phone or laptop for many hours per day. However, Night Light cannot resolve existing eye issues! While using your PC, redder and warmer lights are better for your eyes.

Does night light save battery on Chromebook?

The screen’s backlight is the most significant battery drain on a Chromebook. Consider turning down the brightness a few notches rather than turning it up to extend the battery life.

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