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Mobile Network Standby Battery Drain; How To Fix It?

Mobile network standby is a feature found on many smartphones which allow the device to stay connected to the mobile network even when the screen is off. This helps to keep the phone up-to-date with incoming data, such as incoming messages, emails, and notifications, without having to turn on the phone. 

I’ve seen many people keep reporting that there is a considerable amount of battery is used by this “Mobile Netowork Standby” feature. In this article, I will bring you how to fix this problem on your own in some simple steps. 

Mobile network standby battery drain fix.

Mobile Network Standby Battery Drain; How To Fix It?

How to solve cell standby battery drain problem

1. Turn off Mobile Data

One of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the battery drain caused by your mobile network is to turn off mobile data. 

This will help conserve data usage and reduce battery drain by preventing apps and services from constantly syncing and updating.

2. Turn on Data Saver

The Data Saver feature in Android is a great way to reduce your data usage and conserve battery life. Data Saver will restrict background data usage and limit the amount of data that can be used by apps.

3. Disable Auto-Sync

Disabling auto-sync can help reduce battery drain caused by apps that are constantly syncing and updating. You can disable auto-sync by going to Settings > Accounts > Auto-sync data.

4. Disable Wi-Fi Scanning

Wi-Fi scanning is another source of battery drain caused by your mobile network. You can disable Wi-Fi scanning by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi Scanning and turning it off.

5. Disable Location Services

Location services can also cause battery drain on your mobile network. You can disable location services by going to Settings > Location and turning it off.

6. Use Battery Saver

To precisely use the battery power as needed, try using the battery-saver feature on your phone. To do this:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
  2. Tap Battery, then select Battery Saver. Make a timetable.
  3. Decide when Battery Saver should activate. Choose based on your preferences.
  4. No timetable: only when you manually turn on Battery Saver.
  5. According to your routine: if it’s likely that your battery will discharge before your next regular charge.
  6. When your battery has a certain percentage of charge, according to percentage.

8 Google Pixel Battery Settings You Need To Change Now

Mobile network signal draining the battery.

Mobile Network Standby Battery Drain

Let me explain it like this. You must yell to reach someone far away when you need to communicate. Yelling requires more energy from the speaker to make more sound. Your phone needs to carry out this task. 

Your phone turns up its radio so it can “scream” at the tower to be heard when it is farther from the tower, and there is a bad signal. 

It should be noted that one of the components of a phone that consumes the most power is the wireless signal transmitter. 

What are some tips to save battery life in Google pixel and every other phone?

1. Turn off mobile data when not in use: When your phone is not in use, turn off your mobile data to help reduce your battery drain.

2. Adjust display brightness: Adjust your display brightness so that it is not too bright and not too dim. This will help reduce your battery drain.

3. Disable background data: Disable the background data for apps that you are not using to help reduce your battery drain.

4. Disable auto-sync: Disable the auto-sync feature on your device to help reduce your battery drain.

5. Uninstall unused apps: Uninstall apps that you are not using to help reduce your battery drain.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi: Turn off your Wi-Fi when not in use to help reduce your battery drain.

7. Turn off Bluetooth: Turn off your Bluetooth when not in use to help reduce your battery drain.

8. Charge your device regularly: Make sure to charge your device regularly to avoid battery drain.

Do themes drain the battery of your phone?

battery principles

Some related FAQs.

Does poor signal drain the battery?

Your phone is always searching for a signal and trying to get a stronger one. This demanding work drains your battery. Turn on airplane mode to turn off your cell service if you won’t need it for a few hours.

Does network signal affect battery life?

The power supply for your phone is also impacted by your cellular connection. More energy is used when signal reception is poor. The battery in your phone is drained in the following ways, and solutions are provided.

Why does mobile network use so much battery?

Mobile data uses more energy than Wi-Fi at every quality level. The disparity increases with lower streaming resolution. This is due to the fact that lower-quality streaming uses less energy, but the phone still needs to be connected to a cellular network to receive texts and calls, which increases battery drain.

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